About KallioPPE

What is KallioPPE

The Study Association of Philosophy, Politics and Economics is strongly connected to the John Stuart Mill College. A main task of KallioPPE is creating an inclusive community in which every member actively takes part. PPE qualifies as an extensive programme, which could lead to a lack of social engagement in the society outside the PPE community. In order to enjoy three amazing years in Amsterdam in which students are indulged with student vibes, KallioPPE will provide the necessary tools to get the maximum out of everyone’s life as a PPE student.

Creating such an environment requires the board of KallioPPE to inspire and encourage its members to invest time and energy into creating their own dream within KallioPPE. 

The Background

Muses, in Greek Methodology, are the inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and arts. Kalliope, meaning beautiful-voiced, is, thanks to the ecstatic harmony of her voice, the muse presiding over fluent, elegant and persuasive speaking, and epic poetry.


Mission and Values

KallioPPE aims to be politically concerned by organising events that coincide with things happening in the world. Although all study associations are mainly associated with having fun and getting the most out of student life, KallioPPE also intends to contribute to a better world and so focuses on the study fields of philosophy, politics and economics. Additionally, since Amsterdam is an international city with many international studies and students, KallioPPE will maintain close relationships with other international study associations and organize joint events. By doing this, all PPE students will get the chance to easily meet other international students who are interested in the same topics and so become part of an international community-based in Amsterdam.