The Excursion Committee is all about creating fun experiences outside of Amsterdam by setting up, among other things, hitchhikes, a ski trip and the freshers’ weekend.


The Sports committee makes sure that besides studying, our members also get enough exercise. We are organizing sports teams, tournaments and try-out classes


The Academic Committee is tasked with organizing the academic part of KallioPPE and works closely together with the bachelor programme. Expect tutoring classes, guest lectures and debates.


The Party Committee is responsible for organising borrels, galas and parties, or to put it simply - the fun.


The Social Committee will be in charge of organizing all the non-party social events. This will be a committee that calls for a lot of diversity and creativity! The social committee will be responsible for creating events that are more the relaxed kind of fun, or that raise social awareness.


The Publication Committee is responsible for taking pictures at events (and publishing them on Instagram), designing the class hoodie, and making the PPE yearbook.


The MUN Committee is in charge of organizing our annual MUN at the JSM and also enables participation in other MUNs around the globe.


The Fresher's committee is the first committee our new members will meet, as they organize the fresher's weekend, in which all new members are introduced into the KallioPPE Association